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Folli Cleanse Shampoo 2oz bottle. Effective on ALL body hair! Toxins can accumulate in the hair. High Voltage Shampoo is for individuals looking to remove all impurities and to avoid any and all trace of *TOXINS in their hair.
3 easy steps!
Directions: (SHAKE WELL)
1. Wash hair throughly with High Voltage Shampoo by using a quater of the bottle (25%, .5oz) then rinse and leave damp.
2. Apply remainder of the bottle (1.5oz) into hair and massage throughlt using only your fingers.
3. Cover with shower cap (not included) and let set for 30-35 minutes – MAX 45 minutes. Rinse & Style as usual. Avoid hair products such as gels & hair sprays. Don’t perspire, Stay Cool, and avoid wearing hats.
Effects can last up to 36 hours, for better results use shampoo desired day to be clean.

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